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Microsoft Licence Program Select Plus Academic (EDU) - Visual Studio Enterprise w/MSDN

Microsoft Licence Program Select Plus Academic (EDU) - Visual Studio Enterprise w/MSDN

Product Information

Build rich, interactive applications
Visual Studio Enterprise allows developers to build the connected applications demanded by today’s businesses.


Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio is a full-featured, extensible, integrated development environment with built-in designer, editor, debugger, profiler and Git tools for building modern cross-platform apps - including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, as well as web apps, cloud services and games - in your choice of programming languages, such as C#, Visual Basic, F#, C++, HTML, JavaScript, TypeScript, Python and more.


Scale to work on projects of any size and complexity with a 64-bit IDE. Code with a new Razor editor that can refactor across files. Diagnose issues with visualizations for async operations and automatic analyzers.


Develop cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI. Build responsive Web UIs in C# with Blazor. Build, debug, and test .NET and C++ apps in Linux environments. Use hot reload capabilities across .NET and C++ apps. Edit running ASP.NET pages in the web designer view.


AI-powered code completions. Work together in real-time with shared coding sessions. Clone repos, navigate work items, and stage individual lines for commits. Automatically set up CI/CD workflows that can deploy to Azure.

Scales to any project

Visual Studio 2022 is the best Visual Studio ever. The 64-bit IDE makes it easier to work with even bigger projects and more complex workloads. The stuff you do every day—like typing code and switching branches—feels more fluid more responsive. And out-of-memory errors? They're about to be a distant memory.

Type less, code more

IntelliCode is a powerful set of automatic code completion tools that understand your code context: variable names, functions, and the type of code you're writing. This makes IntelliCode able to complete up to a whole line at once, helping you code more accurately and confidently.

Deep insights into your code

CodeLens helps you easily find important insights, like what changes have been made, what those changes did, and whether you've run unit testing on your method. Essential information—like references, authors, tests, and commit history—is right there to guide you toward the best and most informed decisions about your work.