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Systat - SigmaPlot - Network

Systat - SigmaPlot - Network

Product Information

Publisher: Systat
Analyze and graph your data exactly
SigmaPlot graphing software takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely.

New Features:

SigmaPlot v14.5

New Features & Enhancements Quick Overview

New Statistical Analysis Features:

  • Additional numerical and graph results for contingency tables.
  • Assumption checking and table formatting added to correlation tests.
  • Expanded model selection criteria in Polynomial Regression.
  • Easier access for setting population mean and median for one-sample tests.

New Statistical Graphs

  • Quantile-Quantile Plot, Confidence and Prediction ellipses, and Jitter plots.

Transform Language Improvements:

  • New transform language functions for matrix computations including eigenvalues/eigenvectors of real symmetric matrices, and solutions of systems of linear equations and regression problems.
  • Restructured transform library for easier navigation.
  • New transforms added to transform library:
    • Multilinear Orthogonal Regression and Regression with Equality Constraints.
    • Passing-Bablok Regression.
    • Chi-Square goodness of fit test for category data.
  • Improvements in the random number generators when using a random seed.

Histogram Improvements:

  • The Histogram Wizard provides scaling options for histogram counts and options for left-edge and right-edge binning.
  • Histogram Result Graphs have a new interface for setting scaling options for histogram counts, for left-edge and right-edge binning, for bin counts, and for automatic binning.

Macro Improvements:

  • Enhancements to polar plots from the Polar and Parametric Equations macro.

Smoothers Enhancement:

  • Option to generate reports for 2D and 3D Smoothers.

Import and export options:

  • Import multiple sheets from Excel files.

User interface improvements:

  • Easily add value symbols to symbol and bar graphs with a new dialog available from the ribbon.
  • Mini toolbar positions have been moved to make editing objects easier.
  • Plots can be deleted directly from the Plot panel in Graph Properties.
  • Changed the Add Axis default to be Y Axis.
  • Align objects now available from the right mouse menu.
  • Greater access from a statistics report or a result graph to the statistics interface on the ribbon.

New Miscellaneous Features:

  • A notebook section can now contain one or more subsections.
  • The Histogram Plus Kernel Density macro has been added to the toolbox.
  • A system memory indicator on the status bar showing the amount of remaining memory.
  • Improved search in Help.



New Features in SigmaPlot Version 14

Graph Features

  • Arrows with solid arrowheads
  • Added a right mouse menu command for pasting copied graph primitives (arrow, box, etc.) on the page
  • A common operation on a graph is to zoom in, make a modification and then zoom out. A toggle was added, Ctrl+3, between your current zoom level and 100%.
  • Data sampling dropdown now shows the maximum number of rows in the column
  • Mini-toolbars for left mouse selection may be turned off
  • An Anti-aliasing button has been added to the Graph Page Tab, Format Group
  • Improved user interface for the Color Schemes dialog
  • The “Each Curve” option is automatically turned on when performing a linear regression on one plot
  • Additional Plot Regression Statistics
  • Improved access to result graphs following statistical analysis – obtained by right clicking either a statistical report or another result graph
  • The scatter matrix graph, used to display results of some statistical tests such as correlation, has increased support from 10 variables previously up to 40 variables
  • Graph Properties can now be obtained by right clicking a graph or plot
  • Renamed the Linear Regression command in the Graph Analysis group of the Analysis tab to Plot Regression
  • Text and special symbols options are now shown directly on the symbols dialog
  • The Graph Additions Group Name has been changed to Manage Plots
  • Multiple Result Graph Types May Now Be Simultaneously Selected from the Create Result Graph Dialog
  • The default appearance of all Result Graphs has been improved
  • Added TIFF gray scale export option for graphs and graph pages
  • A Page Templates button has been added to the Format group of the Graph Page ribbon tab

Worksheet Features

  • Sorting data in the worksheet now supports multiple key columns
  • Coefficient of Variation and 90% Confidence Interval added to Column Statistics
  • Formatted text can now be used in statistical analyses
  • Custom Column Statistics Items and Order May Now be Specified
  • Statistical procedures may now use data from over 4000 worksheet columns

Analysis Features

  • The One-Way Frequency Tables method has been added
  • The unpaired (aka 2-independent samples) t-test has been enhanced to provide options to test the equality of the populations means of the two groups without assuming equal variances (Welch’s t-test)
  • Ctrl-A now selects all program lines in user defined transforms
  • More nonlinear regression application examples have been added that can now be accessed from the Help menu
  • Improvements to the transforms examples that can now be accessed from the Help menu
  • Improvements to some ape (automatic parameter estimate) functions in the Transform Language
  • The number of groups for computing dummy variables has been extended from 100 to 1000
  • Increased the maximum character length of labels in statistical tables from 30 to 255
  • Error Message and Partial Save Nonlinear Regression Improvements
  • The User-Defined Transform and Regression Dialogs are Now Resizable and can be Saved
  • Improved User Interface for the Quick Transforms dialog

Miscellaneous Features

  • Unicode is now supported
  • Automatic Updating is available within SigmaPlot to get the latest updates to features
  • User settings are now preserved for new versions of SigmaPlot
  • Added new ribbon layouts for different types of workflows
  • The Export button is also on the Main button
  • New Macro Method for Exporting any Graph Page Selection
  • Added a Save All command to the Main Button
  • Two New Macros Using Indexed Data for Graphing
  • Sample Data Sets Available from Help
  • New Macro Automation Method to Determine a Worksheet Column Length
  • Added File Import and Import Database to the Main Button panel for more visible access
  • Data Can Now be Extracted from a Result Graph


New Features in SigmaPlot 13

Graph Features

  • Forest Plots
  • 10 New color schemes
  • Legend Improvements
    • Provide Horizontal, Vertical and rectangular legend shapes
      • Cursor over side or upper or lower handle allows to provide multi column legends.
    • UI support to set number of columns for legend items in Properties dialog. The permissible column numbers are displayed in the combo list.
    • Change the number of columns for legend items by selecting and dragging the middle handle in the bounding box.
    • Reorder legend items
      • Thru properties dialog – Can move one or multiple legend items up or down using the up/down control on top of the list box
      • Thru cursor movement – Can move one or multiple legend items up or down. Select the legend item(s) and use up and down arrow key for movement within the bounding box
      • Thru mouse select and cursor movement for items in the bounding box
    • Individual legend items property setting ¿ Select individual legend items and use mini tool bar to change the properties.
      • Legend box blank region control thru cursor
      • Cursor over corner handle is and allows proportional resizing
    • Add simple direct labeling
      • Support ‘Direct Labeling’ in properties dialog using the Checkbox control “Direct Labeling”.
      • Ungroup legend items (Still the bounding box is maintained, but not visible), the individual legend items can be moved to preferred location.
    • Legend Title support has been added, by default there is no title. The user can add a title to the legend box using the legend properties panel.
    • Support to reverse the legend items has been added in the right click context menu.
    • Double click on Legend Solid will open Legend Properties
    • Double click on Legend text will open Legend Properties
    • Revert has been added to legends to reset to default
  • Line Widths from A Column

Analysis Features

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Added P values to multiple comparisons for non-parametric ANOVAs.
  • Removed the combo box choices for multiple comparison significant levels and tied the significance level of multiple comparisons to the main (omnibus) test.
  • Added Akaike Information Criterion to Regression Wizard and Dynamic Fit Wizard reports and the Report Options dialog. (The spec is in Dropbox)
  • Added back the Rerun button in the SigmaStat group.
  • Updated the fit library standard.jfl
    • Include several probability functions to define the model for fit equations.
    • The tolerance value for all equations has been modified to use “e-notation” instead of fixed decimal. This allows the user to read the value without scrolling
    • Additional weight functions had been added earlier to the fit equations of the Standard Curves section of standard.jfl. These weight functions have now been added to all equations in standard.jfl. There is a slight variant added for 3D equations.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Added the SVG and SWF file formats for graphics export
  • Added SigmaPlot tutorial PDF file.
  • Added Vector PDF export. Used to be Raster PDF
  • Addition of the smooth Kernel Density graph to bar-type Histograms
  • Addition of mean and standard error bars to the Dot Density Graph
  • File import and export support is added for Versions 13 and 14 of Minitab, Version 9 of SAS, Version 19 of SPSS and Version 13 of Symphony.
  • Rearrange Notebook items by dragging.