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MindManager (EDU) - MindManager Enterprise

MindManager (EDU) - MindManager Enterprise

Product Information

Mind Mapping with MindManager
Brainstorm, organize, and manage projects from anywhere, using a visual framework that keeps you and your team on point, on task, on time.

Research institutions and university hospitals are no longer eligible to purchase Education licenses in all cases. Please request the desired quantity using this form: Anfrage.


MindManager 22

Powerful and flexible information visualization software, MindManager 22 for Windows enables customers to discover hidden opportunities, unite information and teams, and take off in terms of productivity.

Bring together your ideas, distributed information and complex data into interactive visual maps with timelines, flowcharts, Gantt charts and more with MindManager.

MindManager helps teams and individuals work easier and faster:

A single view shows both the big picture and the details of a concept, project or plan

  • Prevents notes, ideas, messages and eyeballs from simply falling through the cracks
  • Relationships between different tasks and branches are immediately recognized
  • Information is presented in such a clear way that it can be immediately understood by all project participants.
  • All information from different sources and platforms is integrated into a clear central dashboard
  • The clear structure ensures perfect coordination between team members as well as clarity about responsibilities and deadlines