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MindManager (EDU) - MindManager Academic

MindManager (EDU) - MindManager Academic

Product Information

Mind Mapping with MindManager
Brainstorm, organize, and manage projects from anywhere, using a visual framework that keeps you and your team on point, on task, on time.

Research institutions and university hospitals are no longer eligible to purchase Education licenses in all cases. Please request the desired quantity using this form: Anfrage.


MindManager Academic

Windows and Mac (perpetual)

With MindManager, information and learning material can be collected, structured and presented in a way that is suitable for memory. Whether for lesson preparation, implementation or follow-up, MindManager supports you as a universal and interdisciplinary tool and helps to visualise, better process and internalise topics.

Thanks to the strong Microsoft Office integration, you can easily exchange data with Office applications such as MS-Word, MS-Excel and MS-Outlook.

Transfer a MindMap to MS-Word as an outline, for example. Synchronise tasks in your MindMap with MS-Outlook. Integrate MS Excel tables into your MindMap and always display the latest values in the MindMap without making changes to the map.

MindManager is suitable for all types of schools and all school subjects.

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MindManager for Windows
MindManager for Mac
MindManager for Microsoft Teams  
MindManager Web / Essentials  
MindManager SharePoint App (Reader)  
MindManager Snap  
MindManager Go  
MindManager Reader  
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