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Adobe Licence Program CLP (EDU) - ColdFusion Enterprise

Adobe Licence Program CLP (EDU) - ColdFusion Enterprise

Product Information

Create powerful Internet applications faster and more easily than ever before
Still one of the fastest ways to build and deploy powerful Internet applications, ColdFusion introduces powerful new application services including rich Flash forms generation, structured reports, and dynamic generation of printable documents.


Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise 2023

Experience a newly evolved Adobe ColdFusion Enterprise (2023 Release) which lets you build your applications on-premises or across multiple cloud providers including GCP, AWS, and Azure. With centrally configured servers that have enhanced security, admin controls & communication, revolutionize your web development experience with Adobe ColdFusion.

Central Configuration Server

Manage a cluster of multiple ColdFusion servers which are centrally configured in one location. From the admin UI you can auto-discover ColdFusion nodes in the same network and add them to the Central Configuration Server.


Generate pixel-perfect PDF files from HTML pages. An optimized CSS ensures that the content in the PDF file appears and functions as it does in the web browser, retaining its formatting, layout, and hyperlinks.

LDAP and SAML Integration

Easily integrate existing users and groups from LDAP server in ColdFusion Administrator, while also enabling SAML SSO. Manage access permissions for different users and groups without having to re-create them again in the admin node.

JWT Integration in CF

Verify multiple entities quickly and efficiently with JWTs. The simple and flexible design of JWTs allows them to communicate authentication and authorization information about users between each other.

Cloud Storage Services

Optimize the efficiency of your projects with AWS S3, Azure Blob, and GCP Cloud Storage by communicating with multiple databases using a single line of code. Grow with storage space that's expandable, elastic, accessible, and cheaper than ever before.

NoSQL database

Optimize the scale-up architecture offered by AWS DynamoDB and MongoDB to handle large volumes of data with the built-in productive interface to NoSQL databases. Store unstructured, semi-structured, or structured data, and enable easy updates to schemas and fields.

GraphQL Client

Ease communication with GraphQL clients by abstracting away small details and implementing additional features, such as caching, query batching and deduplication, and static typing of GraphQL query results. It also enables clients to specify queries and servers to validate data against a strongly typed schema.

Lightweight Installer

Get up and running in minutes with a zip installer that lets you automate repeatable installations of only the services you need. You have absolute control over what you install at all times.

API Developer Portal

Leverage your APIs to the maximum by establishing a secure platform for developer onboarding, engagement, and management. Allow developers to explore and try APIs, refer to documentation, view and select usage plans and sign up and track usage using the built-in developer dashboard.

API Version and Lifecycle Management

Manage APIs across their lifecycle, from drafting to publishing to its deprecation and retirement. Upgrade APIs without backward compatibility by managing multiple versions using a single platform. Tweak the API settings without affecting the production server by configuring a test server.