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Embarcadero - C++ Builder Architect

Embarcadero - C++ Builder Architect

Product Information

Publisher: Embarcadero
Building data-intensive client/server, cloud, GUI and Web applications
Build Native Windows C++ and iOS Apps with less code.

Product comparison:


Products Pro Term License Professional Enterprise Architect
Suitable for Subscription offer for individual developers or small teams developing desktop and mobile apps Suitable for individual developers and for the development of desktop and mobile applications Suitable for the development of client/server or multi-layer applications, REST services and the like Suitable for developing enterprise applications that require database, cloud or web connectivity
License Type Annual License Perpetual License Perpetual License Perpetual License
Build native Windows Applications with High-Performance UI Framework and Components (VCL)
Build Mobile First, Cross-Platform Apps with Native Experience UI Framework (FMX) and Components (Windows & iOS) 1
Run-Time Library source code
Connect to local databases and build data-aware applications with support for multiple data sources with FireDAC
Build connected apps with support for remote and enterprise data sources with FireDAC    
InterBase Embedded Database IBLite Mobile Deployment IBLite Mobile Deployment IBToGo Mobile Deployment IBToGo Mobile Deployment
Build your REST web services on Windows with RAD Server     Development tools and Single Server Site Development tools and Deployment to Multiple Server Sites
Connect with the cloud using Enterprise Connectors (CData)    
Database Development and Management      
Ext JS Web Development Framework (Pro)      

1 C++Builder support for Android is limited to 32-bit app targets only. Google Play Store requires 64-bit support and is not currently supported.