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Fast, Accurate Spending - no more papers and spreadsheets


What is ProcurementExpress? is a software company that helps educational institutes like schools and universities to automate and facilitate purchasing process. It simplifies the purchasing process due to summarizing simple steps and all papers in one app, which takes all the staff on board.

The software helps independent schools all over the world to clear the messy paperwork and create a paper trail that the wider staff can follow. Set up budgets, customize purchase orders, set up approval routing, invite team members. accelerates purchase orders, gives you close control over budgets and liberates you from paperwork.

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  • Save time and money
    • Intuitive interface: anyone can use it, no training required
    • Cloud hosting: nothing to download, nothing to transfer
    • Status reports: track spending across departments at any time
    • Same day implementation: get your entire team set up and ready to go in just minutes
    • 1-click Purchase Orders approvals from any device, anywhere - also offline
  • Simpler purchase orders
  • Teachers or academic staff create purchase orders. Automatically, they're sent to bursars/finance members via email. Instantly finance or responsible persons can approve/reject or comment on spend.

How does it work?

4 steps to efficient purchasing processes for educational institutions:

  1. Raise requests via our app - even when offline. Giving teachers more energy to teach
  2. Approve or reject requests within seconds, from anywhere.
  3. Bursars have access delivered and outstanding invoices, ready-to-pay purchases, and full audit histories.
  4. Export and sync payments with Xero, Quickbooks, and more integrated accountancy systems.

Built to fit your school

  1. Custom onboarding for the entire school or university staff. 2
  2. Split access and responsibilities: limit access, restrict or expand budgets
  3. Split invoices and charge types: split invoices by cost code, charge by division
    Created to never let you down
  4. Award winning support: talk to a real person, get back on track
  5. Bespoke development service: we'll tailor the tool to your needs
  6. Concierge service: we build your instance for you
  7. Searchable PO database: find keywords and phrases in thousands of POs
  8. Running reports tracks all PO activity: find live reports on purchases
  9. Customizable formating: Use the PO layouts and file types that work for you


Testimonial example:

"Our organization uses this software to track and approve financial transactions. I like the ease of using the software. Everything is so streamlined and self explanatory. I like that I don't have to go through too many steps to do what I have to do. I really don't have complaints. Everything that I do in the software is very easy for me to get through. This software makes office life so much easier!" – Chandler Davis, Operations Assistant DC Scholars Public Charter School


Metrics and licensing:

Cloud server / web based, per user, per year.

Licensing is done via activation and is directly activated by ProcurementExpress for all users via e-mail login. For this a list of all user e-mail addresses and administrators after the order is required.

Order processing and onboarding:

As a first step after ordering the licenses from asknet, Procurement Express will contact the customer directly as a 'Welcome Package' to set up everything for the customer. A list of all user email addresses as well as the desired administrators is required so that all can be contacted for onboarding and activation. Delivery time within a few working days.