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Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner Program (CSP)

The Microsoft CSP is a program from Microsoft for obtaining both on-premise software and cloud software.

The following are prerequisites for obtaining software:

1. Tenant Link:

You will need to create an O365 tenant in advance, if you do not already have one, and then link it to our CSP Distributor's tenant.

You create a tenant for your organization by booking a free plan through During this process, you create your tenant.

Your tenant admin then needs to link this to the tenant of our distributor. He does this via this link.

In addition, the link to our tenant must be established to set up the partner relationship. This is done via this link.

2. Details of your tenant when ordering:

Please provide the name of your tenant and the contact details and the login name of the tenant admin when placing your order.

3. Microsoft Customer Agreement:

You must also confirm that you have read the Microsoft Customer Agreement and agree to it. You can find the Microsoft Customer Agreement on this Microsoft-Website.

A short confirmation via e-mail like "I confirm that I have read the Microsoft Customer Agreement and accept it." is sufficient.

4. Fees:

We charge the following fees for transactions within the CSP program:

  • New customer: Initial setup fee of 49 € net (one-time fee for first software purchase)
  • Existing customer: transaction fee of 20 € net when purchasing less than 5 licenses.
  • Product categories: Microsoft Licensing Program CSP (Purchase Licenses). Here you can find the local versions of Office, Windows Server, etc.