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MathWorks - Designated Computer - Wireless Communications

MathWorks - Designated Computer - Wireless Communications


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MathWorks is pleased to offer MATLAB, Simulink, and other MathWorks products at reduced prices to degreegranting educational institutions. The use of products licensed to institutions at Academic license pricing is restricted to on-campus computing facilities that are used solely in support of classroom instruction and research activities of students, faculty, and staff. Institutions cannot use the products for commercial purposes. Research and development divisions and centers of universities, government agencies, and other not-for-profit organizations do not qualify for Academic license pricing. MathWorks offers reduced prices to degree-granting educational institutions as a service and asks your help in ensuring that the practice is not abused.


Academic Use Individual:

The Individual license is intended for use by a single named user. The products can be activated on up to four different computers, provided that the products are only accessible to and used by that single named user. A named user may not use a program on more than two computers simultaneously.

Designated Computer:

The Designated Computer license is intended for use on a single, designated computer, provided the products are operated from that computer's console by one licensed user at any given time.


The Concurrent license is intended for use by a specified number of concurrent users to run the product on any computer that is connected to a single network license manager. Installation of the products is limited to institution-owned computers or computers personally owned by faculty, research, and academic staff.

Classroom Use

Classroom licenses are restricted for use in on-campus teaching labs used solely for classroom instruction of students. Course instructors can use a copy of the software for course preparation only. Use of the products for any other purposes, such as research by faculty and staff, is not allowed. The Classroom licenses require a minimum quantity of 10 and offer a choice between two license options: Designated Computer or Concurrent.


Annual licenses provide the right to use the software for a fixed duration, and MathWorks Software Maintenance Service is included in the license fee. To ensure uninterrupted service, you may renew your license prior to the conclusion of the license term. Otherwise, the license and Software Maintenance Service will expire at the end of the term period.

Perpetual licenses provide the right to use the software indefinitely, and the first year of MathWorks Software Maintenance Service is included in the initial purchase price. After the initial 12-month period, an annual fee is required to renew your Software Maintenance Service.



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