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Quark - QuarkXpress (EDU)

Quark - QuarkXpress (EDU)

Product Information

Publisher: Quark
The DTP-Professional
An integrated publishing package, QuarkXPress lets you combine pictures, text, typography, writing, editing, and printing - in one application.



Advantage, Quark's new maintenance program, guarantees free updates, upgrades, and unlimited support. New licenses always include at least 1 year of Advantage (maintenance). These are available with 1, 2 or 3 year terms.

What’s Included?

  • All QuarkXPress Upgrades and Updates
  • Unlimited Technical Support†
  • Own to the latest version of QuarkXPress
  • Exclusive Special Offers (coming soon)
  • “Ask the Experts” Webinar Participation
  • Personal Quark Account Manager
  • Early Access to New Releases
  • Global Licensing and Language Support
  • Discounting and Price Protection
  • Centralised Licensing Control & Compliance


†Technical support always only available for the current and the two previous major versions.



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