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VERBI - MAXQDA Standard Single Seat

VERBI - MAXQDA Standard Single Seat

Product Information

Publisher: VERBI
The professional tool for qualitative data analysis.
Supports all individuals performing qualitative data analysis and helps to systematically evaluate and interpret texts.

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MAXQDA Standard

MAXQDA Standard is the best choice for comprehensive qualitative data analysis of diverse data sets. It works with a wide range of data types and offers powerful tools for advanced coding, retrieval, transcription, and visualization, while still being easy to learn and use.


  • Analyse a wide range of data
    Interviews, surveys, webpages, images, audio and video files, spreadsheets, bibliographical data and YouTube comments and Tweets
  • Code your Data
    Mark important information in your data with different codes: regular codes or tags, colours, symbols or Emojis easy via drag & drop or with automatic coding
  • Analyse and transcribe interviews in written text or media data
  • Integrated Mixed Methods tool
  • Profit from a full bunch of visualisation tools
  • Share and export you project in easily readable file formats
  • The User Interface is available in numerous languages and your analysis can be conducted in every single language of the world