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Blackboard - Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

Blackboard - Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

Product Information

Publisher: Blackboard
Highly scalable and cloud-based web and video conferencing service
A product for the implementation of online-based teaching and learning scenarios, which fulfils different requirements for a highly scalable and cloud-based web and video conferencing service.


Blackboard Collaborate

Virtual classrooms with additional functionalities allow you to reach learners synchronously and as directly as possible. A simple, highly scalable and reliable solution for collaborative online learning is Blackboard Collaborate. It requires no clients, follows the principle of Privacy by Design and is thus designed to comply with the GDPR. It works equally well on PCs and mobile devices and is responsive. In addition, it allows integration into learning management systems, among others, via interoperable standards and follows the Web Standards for Accessibility (WCAG).

Balckboard Collaborate functional description

Function description (German PDF)

Blackboard Collaborate Solutionflyer Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom (German PDF)

Technical minimum requirements for cloud video services for higher education teaching in DFN

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Questionnaire-Blackboard Collaborate for the DFN tender

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