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Blackboard - Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

Blackboard - Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

Product Information

Publisher: Blackboard
Highly scalable and cloud-based web and video conferencing service
A product for the implementation of online-based teaching and learning scenarios, which fulfils different requirements for a highly scalable and cloud-based web and video conferencing service.

Entitled to purchase:

All higher education institutions, universities and research institutions in Germany are eligible to purchase. For research institutions, active membership in the DFN Association is a prerequisite (proof). Membership applications can be made on the following website: über the secretariat inquired.

Contractual basis are the contract documents agreed with DFN, as follows:

How is the licence retrieval from the framework agreements carried out?

a) Which documents are relevant?

EVB-IT Service Terms and Conditions

  • Annex Z – Additional provisions to the EVB-IT Service Agreement
  • .
  • Annex T – Minimum Technical Requirements
  • Annex A – Offer
  • with questionnaire
  • Annex CR – Change Request Form
  • Attached is also the framework agreement under which the EVB-IT Service Agreement stands
  • .

b) Ordering the licence

  • Execute EVB-IT Service Agreement (institution and contractor),
    Conclude directly with contractor
  • Changes or additions either with a new individual order or with a Change Request