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MathWorks - Concurrent - Autonomous Systems

MathWorks - Concurrent - Autonomous Systems


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Academic Use — Concurrent

How It Works
You specify the products you require and the number of concurrent use keys for each product on your license.
Multiple users can access the software simultaneously on any number of computers served by the network license manager. When the number of simultaneous users equals the number of concurrent keys, anyone who subsequently tries to start the software is denied access until a key becomes available again.
You may install products in a central location or on individual computers as long as the use on all computers is controlled by the same network license manager.

License Term
This license is available for perpetual or annual use:
Perpetual licenses provide the right to use the software indefinitely, and the first year of MathWorks Software Maintenance Service is included in the initial purchase price. After the initial 12-month period, an annual fee is required to renew your Software Maintenance Service.
Annual licenses provide the right to use the software for a 12-month period, and MathWorks Software Maintenance Service is included in the license fee. To ensure uninterrupted service, you may renew your license prior to the conclusion of the license term. Otherwise the license and Software Maintenance Service will expire at the end of the term period.

MathWorks Software Maintenance Service
The first year of Software Maintenance Service is included with new product licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your subscription annually.
MathWorks Software Maintenance Service includes:
The latest updates to your MATLAB and Simulink products – with releases twice a year
Worldwide technical support from specialized engineers
Online offerings such as MATLAB Mobile, MATLAB Online, and MATLAB Drive.
An active subscription is required to purchase add-on products. For perpetual licenses: If your subscription lapses, renewal at a later date will incur fees for the forward service period, any applicable back maintenance fees for the lapsed period, and a reinstatement fee of 25% of the annual cost of Software Maintenance Service.



Bei postalisch versandten Produkten alle Preise zzgl. Versandkosten.
Für Downloadprodukte fallen keine Versandkosten an.
Software steht nur bei Online-Bestellungen als Download zur Verfügung.
Wenn ein Downloadprodukt offline bestellt wird, wird eine Lizenznummer ausgeliefert bzw. die Lizenz freigeschaltet. In diesem Fall kann zusätzlich ein Datenträger bestellt werden.