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Please choose a corresponding license model:

Mathworks - Classroom (Classroom license)
The lecturer may use a copy of the software for the preparation of the course. The license must be installed as a network license. The platforms Windows and Linux are supported.

Mathworks - Concurrent (Network license)
The software is managed on a server by a license manager. The products are to be licensed in such a way that a maximum number of users specified by the order have simultaneous access to the licensed products. The products are not bound to individual users, but may be used within the network from any computer.

Mathworks - Individual (Single license)
This type of license entitles a specific person, the Named User, to install the licensed products on one or more computers (e.g. at work and at home). The licensed products on these computers may only be accessible to the Named User. The use is exclusively restricted to him/her!

MathWorks - Designated Computer (Device license)
To use the software, the installation file must be installed on a computer and then activated. The software is limited to a Host ID that identifies a specific computer, but not a specific user. Any number of people can log on and use the software, but not all at once.